Apr 22

Spring snow

Snow puddles
upon the grass
like grease stains 
on a brown paper bag
when it first fell
like small 
parachutes soldiers
from an enemy
on the 
blushing grass
again the magnolia
takes all my pity
it has no escape
in the spring storm
quite underdressed
in fruity gauze
quickly follows
the forsythia 
yellow thinning
to white supreme
both trees stand
pompeii shadows
ash petals captured
or at least until tomorrow
when the bees find them
but for now they remain 
pale and sickly
daffodils strain
to keep their necks above
the rising snow
whites waves 
shocked flowers 
pucker their petals
all small blooms
twist close like
umbrellas in the snow
worms poke up
only to feel the 
stinging flakes 
and those who 
twitched in the 
rain before 
now freeze slowly
numb with fear
question marks by tomorrow
burnt and crisp
and all else
seizes up
buds find white
swimming caps 
upon their innocent flesh
snow this time of year
feels like a thief
in broad daylight
such nerve
to come here and 
disturb the spring