Apr 22
fiction challenge: Elves

Into The Woods: II

 My eyes focus on the hyper, golden creature. It is much smaller than the elves and seems to be female. She flutters around me with her wings, her golden dress cut short on her thighs. Fairies. 
“Oh! Good, you’re awake. I am Salia.” She tilted her head, her short hair releasing itself from its position on her shoulders. “You are human. The Elves sent you to us.”
“Hello.” I mutter. “My name is Asha. I am indeed human.” 
“Salia! The-” A new fairy flew up to Salia. She paused when she saw me. ”Oh my pixie dust! What on earth- the elves, I assume.” Salia nodded.
“Lumbliah.” She said nodding in my direction. 
“Lumbliah? I don’t-”
“It’s her name, dearest.” Salia said to me. 
I took a while to take in my surroundings. There were mushrooms, tall ones, purple and gold and green. The fairy dust was all around, purple sparkles everywhere. Fairies fluttered around, laughing and disappearing into tree trunks. There was a whole town, up in treetops, and I started to realize that I was not on the ground. 
“The elves- ” I started, bewildered. 
“Let us explain. The elves are hostile and bloodthirsty, but they are our allies, nonetheless. Humans rarely find us. But when they do… we have to stop them from killing you.” Lumbliah said, grimly. 
“Humans don’t want to kill them! There was no reason to nearly decapitate me!” I stood up and instantly became dizzy. 
“Darling, sit. You are starving. You could pass out.” Salia crossed her legs, while sitting in the air. “The elves are strong allies and we share this land, we are friends, you could say. An assault against them is one against us.”
I backed up, figuring out an escape route. Was this a threat?
“We won’t harm you! Sit down child!” a male fairy was advancing on me. He was accompanied by a floating feast of fruits and honey. It displayed itself in front of me. I was reluctant to eat. 
“Oh, Beacod. What took so long?” Lumbliah crossed her arms, which didn’t make her look angry, if that was her goal.
“Can you explain this..further? I don’t understand.” I said, hoping to stall, while I figured out a way out of this tree. 
“The elves are extremely territorial. It took them a while to warm up to us, but we became their crutch.” Beacod said, slathering honey on a mango slice, and shoving it into my mouth. It was a sweet, tropical taste that made my stomach swell with hunger. 
“We heal them after wars. They protect us. The co-dependence is dangerous for outsiders. You are lucky they spared you.” 
“Can they fly, like you?” I asked, remember the fairy with the wings. 
“One can. Have you seen the Abian?” Salia replied.
“The what?”
“The Abian. They are the leader. They are immortal and have wings and higher powers.” Salia said. 
Then, all of a sudden my neck started stinging. The sweet taste of honey still lasted in my throat. Lumbliah looked at me, and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.