Apr 24

The Fairy's Meal

If you’ve never dinned with a fairy then consider yourself lucky. They take hours to decide what they want and then they get their meals, decide they don’t like it, and then they have to order something else. It’s horrid. Just listen to what happened. 

The first 30 minutes the fairy spent trying to decide what she wanted. 

When she finally chose, it took another 20 minutes to get our food. I had gotten BBQ ribs, and the fairy got a tuna fish salad with clam chowder and a side of chocolate mouse.

Low and behold, the fairy decided she didn’t like her absolute complex meal and ordered something else, just as complex. One rack of BBQ ribs, one huge bowl of minestrone soup, and chicken fingers on the side.

Now we’ve spent and hour and a half and we haven’t even eaten our food yet.

2 hours in and we’ve finished everything. FINALLY. Dinner shouldn’t take 2 hours.

When we go to pay it just gets worse. The fairy refused to pay for all of her food, so I ended paying $100. My meal was $25 and hers was $75!!! 

Remind me not to dine with a fairy ever again.