Apr 24

Mornings in the garden

With tulips
My two lips
Whisper sweet nothings 
We let the forget-me-nots overhear
Who will they remember to tell
We make such a ruckus
That the primrose grimmaces
And gesticulates
To sage
Who just smiles knowingly
Up from the ground comes rosemary 
Just as lady's slipper stumbles by
Head aching from her evening with mimosa
Poppy urges everyone to join in the conversation
But even she
Can't pull narcissus from the edge of the pond
Queen Anne's lace was used for a game of he-loves-me
He-loves-me not
Fitting really
And as the crab apple blossom prattles on
About whatever she's upset about this morning
Iris glances at me knowingly 
And the dogtooth violet flashes us a smile