Apr 24

All my fault

It's a scandal
An outrage
It is Extremely Innapropriate Zoe
I Cannot Believe You Made That Decision
I am an immoral succubus upon society
A sorceress, a witch, a she-devil, a Lillith
How could I?
And with no remorse?
No apology?
Who raised me?
A father and a mother
This was clearly the woman's fault
They glisten off the linoleum floors
Glow under the florescent light
They are medusa
Trapping everyone's gaze in a stony hold
If I deign to dare to do this one more time
I'll be expelled
They can only pray for me now
Hope that somewhere in His heart
Jesus can pull me out from the pits of hell
Where I'm no doubt going
My shoulders 
Are on full display
My shorts
Are three inches above the top of my knee
I am so distracting right now
How the hell is anyone going to finish their math packet
As soon as I walk into the room
The gpa's of my male classmates plummet
It's not fair to the male teachers either
How can their wives of twenty years
Compare to the shoulders of a fifteen year old girl
My bra strap peeks out from behind a green strip of cloth
Now boys will know we wear bras!
Great job Zoe
You let the cat out of the bag