Apr 25

My world.

Chapter 1

The first day of school. great! i thought I'm moving to another school again! I don't understand why I've moved so much, but my mom keeps quitting her job and finding another one. So here we are getting ready for the first day of school in 7th grade for the third time!

Today I'm wearing i white T-shirt and a yellow sweater, jeans and my favorite sandals. My back pack slung over one shoulder and the short bike ride to school. When i got to school ms.levitt introduced me to the class.

She placed me next to a girl called Rosa i think that was her name i cant remember all there names. But she was my partner for the year if i even finished it! I basically hade a world of my own and took care of my self because my mom was always busy.

but that's how my school year started again.