Apr 29
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The Magic Remote Thingy

I have a pet septic tank. Hi, my name is Flama Glorpson. I am a normal kid, except that I like math, reading andI have no friends. All Right, maybe I’m not the most normal kid, but I do like tacos and melted ice cream. Also, my favorite movie is the Peppa Pig Christmas special.

Alright, let's skip to the chase. Everyone likes car chases just like in Peppa Pig.

Anyway, there's not gonna be a car chase, but there will be a magical remote dropped from above that controls time. You may be wondering how it happened, and the thing is, a walrus threw it at me. It bounced off my rump and went 100,000 feet in the air. A couple of hours later, while I was massaging my sore rump, it then hit me in the face.

Allright, now we're all caught up. 

Now the remote is going into the yard. With one gulp, my pet septic tank (Dut Tud) swallows it!!!!! All of a sudden, I felt a weird sensation and the world I knew disappeared. 

I am now standing in a barren wasteland with destroyed buildings. I turned around to see Dut Tud behind me. As I look across the horizon, I see a single silhouetted figure. I run towards her, and when I get within hearing range I ask her,

“Who are you??????”

The old lady said” It's mighty strange ter see people now in Twenter thousand Fifter five. Most of em are dead.”

“ I think this is Earth in the future!!! “I tell Dut Tud. The huge septic tank nods his head in agreement. Then the world in front of my eyes explodes.        The end.
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