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I skipped down the hallway as my black hair bounced and my purple shirt swayed. Autumn walked beside me as we went to the lunch room. The smell of pizza drifted through the school. My mouth started to water. I loved Ms. Bennetts pizza. I mean who wouldn’t? It was a party on my tongue..  

“How are your chicks doing?” I asked. 

“They went outside for their first time yesterday. My chicken, Wave flew into the chick’s cage. I also got to watch Meg eat her first bug! It was a little house fly. I think it might have been lame. Who knows! Sabastian was crowing his head off with excitement.”

“Oh what fun.” I commented. We entered the lunch room. The blue, gold and black banners draped from the ceiling were blowing in the wind coming from the opened window. Kids of all grades were chatting and eating lunch together as a community. The lunch room was loud and full of excitement. 

The principal, Mr. Anest walked to the front of the room. Autumn and I quickly took our seats. 

“Good afternoon students of Crystal Mountain Elementary!”

“Good morning Mr. .Anest!” we called back.. 

“I have exciting news for you all! An old friend of ours is here to stay a month or so. She will be in fifth grade. Please welcome back....”

A girl in a green shirt that read, ‘I don’t know gibberish’ was wearing blue jeans with her brown hair in two messy braids. 

“Devora!” I knew Devora. She was a nice kid in some ways but not in other ways For instance, she would get extremely competitive when playing any games. She also would get very frustrated when Autumn and I would win certain games, especially dodgeball and capture the flag. She had been good friends with Autumn and I. 

“You can go sit with your former classmates.” Mr. Anest said while waving his hand in the direction of Autumn and I. Devora walked over to us and sat down in the chair to my left. 

“Hi, you’re Autumn right?” Devora asked me in a shy tone. 

“Actually I am Tara, that is Autumn.” I corrected her kindly. 

“Oh.” There was dread and foreboding in her voice now. 

“What was it like to go live in Israel?” I asked but she pointedly looked away. 

“Did I say something wrong?” I whispered to Autumn. 

“Maybe she doesn't want to answer that question. I’ll ask.” Autumn replied.

“Hey. So Devora, what was it like to go live in Israel?”

“Cool, everything felt so alive and special.” Devora said happily. 

“Did you have any fun neighbors?” Autumn continued.

“Yes, April was a kind girl that lived two houses down.”

“Is it fun or scary to live in a missionary family?” Autumn asked 

“It’s cool.” She replied 

“What school did you go to?” I asked. Once again she didn’t answer me. That was when I remembered what had  happened all those years ago. 

“Hey, want to play Candy Land?” Devora had asked one day. 

“Nice. Let’s play.” I said. 

“I made a rule that we pick each other's cards for them!” 

“Let’s play!” 

And so that is when we played. I would have won when up came Mr. Plummy. 

“Haha, you go back to the beginning!” Devora said, raising the card in the air. This was her competitive side showing. 

“You know, I don’t like your rule! There is no good in it! You don’t know about rules though! You don’t live anywhere!” I had screamed in an outrage. I had flipped over the board on top of Devora and her pink shoes kicked out at me. 

“Tara, that is unacceptable behavior for school!” Mr. Kile, my kindergarten teacher had scolded. Now I wished I could go back, change that moment. 

“So Tara, why doesn't she like you?” Autumn asked, bringing me to the present.

“Look Devy, I’m sorry and that was just a silly kindergartener mistake but that doesn't make it better. I’m sorry.” I said while turning towards her. 

“I forgive you but that had made an imprint on me after all this time.” Devy answered. 


By, Ashlynn Carr and Emma Haley 

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