Apr 29
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Clicker: Revisit of the Past

I have debated a lot over what I would do if I had the power to time travel. If I had a life remote, I wouldn't want to drastically change my past or anyone else's. Everything doesn't happen for a reason, but every point in time has been able to serve a purpose. That purpose is the reason why I would only use it selfishly. I have read enough books and watched enough movies about time travel to know that even just a slight change to the timeline can affect the future tremendously. I wouldn't want to change anything, not exactly. I would just like the chance to relive my past and appreciate more, knowing how dreary our current times are. Sometimes I wish I would have tried harder in school, but I also know that school isn't the most important thing in my life. I was a kid that got in trouble a lot, especially in elementary school, and I would like to been thought of as the more quiet kid or at least thought of as well-behaved. If I could change it, I would want my brother and I to get along better. I love him and I wish I could remember anything else than just us fighting. I would want to tell my parents how much I appreciate them every day and the hard work they've done to try and give me as happy a life as possible. We used to go to Great Wolf Lodge a lot and that place has some of my favorite memories as a child. It just felt so magical as a kid, and I would like the chance again to relive that feeling. More than anything I just want to enjoy my days without worrying about if I'll be able to pass the nine weeks (back then it was six weeks) or about going home and showing my mom and step-dad the blue I got that day. Feeling like a kid again... It just all felt like it went by so fast and with only a year left in high school, I just want to use that little remote to escape from worrying about the future, go back to easier days, and just enjoy the present.
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