Apr 29
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Okay PENELOPE, wow thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it! 

PENELOPE  APR 16, 2021

That's awesome!

PENELOPE  APR 08, 2021

Haha! I love all of those things especially snowboarding and skateboarding, they are my favs. Buttttt not so much video games. I think it would be cool if you post your drawings.

PENELOPE  APR 09, 2021

That's awesome!

PENELOPE  APR 09, 2021

This is a great poem, no wonder they are publishing it!!!

PENELOPE  APR 26, 2021

So cool!

There's probably more, but I'm so thankful, thanks for being so kind and supportive, Thanks again, guys and gals, and in between go look at PENELOPE'S blog!