May 02

too many thoughts

running in cirles
as confused tears stream
down my face in 
a beautiful dance.

strawberries and cream,
mixing on your tongue, heavy
breath on her face.

i like laughing while i
throw my blue patterned china
at the wall, giggling
as i jump around the shards.

rain falling on her face
as you kiss her, down
by the river where you used
to take me to.

dancing at 2am as
violins swell on the soundtrack
in my mind, my heart racing
as i sing softly to the
framed picture the eiffel tower.

late night calls when you
can't stop thinking about her
smile, or her laugh.

screaming at the sky as
i pick at the strings on
my ukelele, long nails scraping
against the shingles on the roof.

watching her favorite movies,
having a great time with your
normal girl at her normal house.

sliding down the roof onto
the swing, throwing a dandelion
crown onto the stray dog who
wanders around the property.

too many thoughts, too many
thoughts about you, so i pour the sleepy
tea over my head, hoping the
thoughts will get tired in 20 minutes.

they didn't.