May 03
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Time Changer

This day started out like usual. I woke up and ate breakfast but then everything suddenly changed. My name is Myah, I'm ten years old. I have straight, dirty blonde hair and today I’m wearing galaxy leggings and a light teal shirt that fades into dark blue. 

A guy from the future showed up in my room from a portal!  He had a long rainbow beard and he had told me that he was one hundred years old! He said that the future was in trouble and he needed my help. 

    I started out feeling confused but then he confirmed that it was real and not just a dream.  

“Hi Myah, my name is Jentzen,” as he gave me a tv remote.

“What is this for?”I asked.

            “This is a time traveling remote. You can travel through time anytime you want but please come to 2025 right away. Bye.” he said.
            “Where did he just go?” I said because he had just vanished into thin air.

I  dropped the remote on the floor. Suddenly there was lightning and then it looked like I was in 2028 but I saw a calendar and it said I was in 2029. I thought it was 2028 because of all of the technology. Everything looked so different. The car looked like it had legs and the stores looked like they were all run by robots. 

Then when I was looking around I saw a sign that said what town I was in. It was Mossy Oak Springs.After admiring all the robots in the town, I walked into a shop that said Time Changer.There was a guy standing there behind a desk and he looked about my age.

“Hi, lady, are you the girl that went through a time machine? Anyway my name is Isaac. What’s your name?” Isaac asked.  

“Oh, my name is Myah. Nice to meet you Isaac.”I said.

“You too.” said Isaac.

“One more thing, can you show me around?” I asked.

Then out of nowhere I was being shaken and everything around me was gone. Then I saw a bright light. I blinked and then realized that all that stuff that had just happened was a dream. I got out of bed and went on with my day and wondered why it had felt so real.

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