May 05

a wall over

a wall over
are well wrapped
I wish to nestle
on my tongue
and describe to you
the kind where
you cage your breath
in fragile lungs
til it bruises into 
a beast
that threatens to burst
just to hear what
they are saying
and a word 
or two
vibrate like bees
in your ears
honey making you 
itch with guilt
but the conversation
falls to quickly
before you can pick it up
lying like shattered 
jam jars on the floor
for you to piece back together
carefully trying to 
open sealed envelopes
without ripping them 
in half
and the creatures
a wall over
seem to be talking about
their sewn lip sentences
with exitement
they know their words
are driving you mad
and the conversation
no one can hear
curls around your ear
like gaudy jewels
and the candies
remain twisted
and beasts burst
and bees drip
honey with 
and envelopes scream
into two sad pieces
under your fingers
and jewels hang 
like unwanted bats
and the conversation
remains not yours
a wall over