May 06

Scratched Records

If you stay up late tonight
I will lay next to you
and cradle the stars
inside your head. 
But I can’t promise that
my heart won’t bleed and die. 

Your eyes are like broken cloudy nights,
each one more fractured than the last. 

And I have a million different reasons 
to believe that you’re lying,
but every single one
makes my mind crack into pieces 
because I feel

I once asked if you saw me,
but please don’t answer that now. 
I’m scared of the answer
and I’m scared for the living. 

No, I don’t forgive you
and please don’t ask twice. 

I still don’t know if your eyes are either
black or brown,
but maybe it should stay
that way. 

The world doesn’t revolve around you
but still
the world revolves around you. 

I listen to scratched 
because they remind me
of you. 
And after I’ve finished them all
I throw them away
because they remind me
of you.