May 07


I love Death and
He hates Me
We tango in false ecstasy
All my calls
They are ignored
And when we meet He
Looks abhorred
I kiss His cheek
He slaps my face
And tells me to stay in my place
I want to see His desolate palace
And lance the boils of His malice
I flirt with Him
He won't flirt back
I'll get Him to crumble
To crack
I know that I belong in Hell
I'll end up there some day as well
So someday soon He'll row me home
When I tell my life Shalom
Then he'll accept that we are Fate
What I've known, what is innate
And to my reign He will Conscript
Once I've delved below my crypt




I hate Life but
She loves me
We tango in false ecstasy
I try to leave
She keeps my board
Treats me like treasure
I'm Her hoard
I slap her cheek
She kisses mine
Reminds me I have all of time
She flirts with me
I don't flirt back
But I feel the crumble
Hear the crack
I don't think I belong here though