May 09
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Silent Screams

Spit and anger and words came careening out of his mouth

Louder and louder with every sentence

He paints his story

It is one not without pain



The words come out of his mouth like a breaking dam

Rushing and gushing and spewing away, into the world

He says “it’s all B.S.” 

And why?

Because their stories are a trickle, told to few

Too painful to recount

With no voice to speak with

A soundless scream

A plea for help

And nothing answering it

And he, living his life given by luck

Sits in his home

Shouting, screaming, begging anyone to listen

Wanting to feel heard

So how can he know?

How can he understand?

When all he wants is to feel heard

So he can’t see through the fog of his own making

Those who were not as lucky

Those with silent screams