May 10
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The sweet voice of Maribel 
Is something to reckon with.
I find myself in her embrace,
Arms wrapped around in safety.
She sings to me, her songs like a harp,
Accompanied by the sounds of water.

She smells of all the pretty little things, 
Ones that are hard to notice until eyes meet.
It’s hard to describe the essence of her grace,
Maybe because it is filled with too much to point out at once. 
But must I explain? 
She is mine, there is no need for me to tell of those I love.
But… why can’t I get this feeling out? 
Why would I want to get it out?
I wouldn’t want to at all, yet it's so painful. 

As I caress her auburn hair, I can’t help but feel myself slip away.
We aren’t moving, I’m still in her arms and can feel her skin against mine.
It begins to snow, and I feel cold as crystals fall onto my hair. 
“Don’t leave me,” I whisper to her, my breath turning to ice. 
“You aren’t like the rest, I know it in my heart that you wouldn’t do that,
But why do I feel so lost?” I look up at her, but her face is dark.
“Say something…”
I can feel her grip around me loosen, and I begin to panic.
“No! You promised you wouldn’t! You aren’t like others!”

My eyes well with tears fighting against the cold, 
And I feel a familiar stabbing in my heart. 
Like a dagger hidden in a bouquet of roses, my Maribel.
I should have known… It's my fault. 
Maybe I should stop dreaming of her, when she never existed, to begin with.