May 14

Stay Happy

I feel the sun on my face,
almost burning my skin,
I tuck my fingers under the straps of my backpack,
and pull it up farther onto my back,
I can feel the dampness on my back,
a sweat stain forming where my bag had been sitting,
I adjust the handle of the paper bag hanging from my wrist,
as it swings,
I get glimpses of the book I bought,
the blue cover,
glinting in the sunlight,
my drink sloshes in it's cup, 
the coolness seeping into my palm,
my legs feel the slight ache of walking,
and I smile as I pass a stranger,
they smile back,
and my heart skips a beat,
a tiny moment of bright, bursting joy,
filling me with warmth,
I keep walking,
and the moment passes,
but the warmth doesn't leave,
and I stay happy.