May 15
nonfiction challenge: Music
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The Music on the Ride to School

Music comes in so many different forms and can mean so many different things. Different genres can have different effects on different people. To me, music acts as an escape. Something that I can use to concentrate or to tune out the things I don't want to focus on. The genre does not matter to me, but I have a connection with old country music. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr. were commonly said names on my rides to school with my dad. My brother and I would fight over who got to choose the song almost everyday; I would always want "Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash and he would want "The Ride" by David Allan Coe. If the fight went on for too long, my dad would take over and choose another one of the songs that we had all heard enough to know by heart. I don't ride to school with my dad anymore, but the music will always be a part of my relationship with my dad–– and a part of who I am.
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