May 20
fiction, opinion challenge: Clicker
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Life Remote?

The concept of a life remote is interesting; it is one that holds great power. With the ability to pause, fast-forward, or rewind, life would be drastically different. The weight actions would hold would be much less. I think the life remote could be used for great things, but could also hold many negative possibilities. A life remote would make “living in the moment” almost useless, if one could rewind and replay the same moment again, there is almost no reason to stay present when it is occurring. That being said it could make hard times better; like the first day at a new job or a big presentation would be less nervewracking. If the outcome was not as you wanted, you could simply do it again. Similarly, special days like weddings, graduations, and birthdays could lose their significance if one could repeat, relive, or rewind the day countless times. With the ability to rewind, meaningful moments could lose their meaning, yet tough times could become easier. Like superpowers, a life remote could be used for good, yet has the possibility of being used negatively. When given the idea of a life remote, one must weigh the pros and cons, and think, is life really that bad how it is now? Would life be enhanced or hurt by the life remote? That’s what it comes down to, the value of time.