May 22

slipping away

they said that you slipped away
at night. they said you didn't suffer.       

i feel like i shouldn't miss you
already, but i hadn't seen you in 
2 years, and my fingers against the
phones screen doesn't count.
does it?

i'm trying not to fall apart,
because when i do, i know that
you won't be able to put me
back together again.

they say it was expected, with
your age, but you were the strongest
man i had ever known, and i swear, 
you were supposed to get through it.

i prayed every night, for your
heart to keep beating, so why
didn't god listen FOR ONCE?

i am on my hands and knees because
it just hit me that you are gone,
you are really, truly gone.

it's not fair, it's not fair,
it's never fair, because they don't
even get it, do they?

they don't understand that there is 
a hole in my heart, bleeding
as i gasp for air, my lungs bruised 
and battered.

why did you have to leave?
why didn't they stop it?
you were supposed to meet us at the
airport, you were so excited, but
apparently our plans are nothing to 
the creator.

i will despise him forever
because of this, i will not
forgive or forget, i will live in
everlasting hatred.

for you.