May 24
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Be Like Lizzie

My friend Elizabeth is quite amazing,
shes pretty, smart, fun, and thoughtful.
Lizzie is a good friend. 
Lizzie is a good person.
Be like Lizzie.
She brings joy to peoples life, 
and happiness to the area around her. 
Lizzie is a yellow,
one of my yellows.
Lizzie creates fun memories with me. 
Lizzie is an amazing person.
I am glad to have Lizzie as a best friend.
Before Lizzie and I did not like each other.
All because of a game, 
but in the end we grew up and came to love each other.
We now have an amazing friendship. 
Lizzie is such a good friend.
We love Lizzie.
Be as great as Lizzie.
You will have more friends:)
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