May 24
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People change quite a bit. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Many people wonder what changes people. I think the people are the main reason people change. Judgement, opinions, words, thoughts, self-hatred, life changes, big events, and probably even more. I don't think that some people realize they change, but everyone else can see it. The change in their moods, their looks, and their attitudes. One little thing can change all of these on a person. I think change is good. Mainly. Something can happen in ones life and they can change in a positive way. They improve their self. Cut their hair, change their clothes, become more confident. These are positive changes. I don't think its good at all when people change in a negative way. Become anti-social, dislike people, and even hate the things they used to love. I think there is always room for improvement and people should lead their self towards filling that room. Don't make more room. Change happens all the time. Even if we don't notice, there is always change happening. It could be big or small, good or bad, but its happening. Maybe not with us but possible with the people around us. Things change people. Objects and events, but so does time. No matter what change happens and the only thing we need to do is accept.
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