May 25
fiction challenge: Secret
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The end of the world

I look up and around me in the hallway of my school. I keep my head down as I walk into my classroom. Apparently still going to school is important when it's the end of the world. The world was slowly disappearing who knows why but we still had to go to school. I sit down at my desk and wait for my teacher to come into the classroom. I look out the window and see everything crumbling like when one of those old video games ends and crumbles off the screen. There are shreaks from around the class and a couple of kids break a run for it. I stand up and close my eyes focusing all my magic around our school. My parents, my heart skips a beat and my shield falters. It's too late, they're already gone.I open my eyes and see and hear. Students shrieking even more loudly and running around me. I mean if I were them I would be freaking out but still come on let me focus. My best friend Jax is running out the door and away down the hall. Wow what a faithful friend. Walk out the front doors of the school. Turning to face the blackness I stretch out my hand and place it into the darkness. My magic seeps out replacing everything around the school, pushing the darkness back away. I stand there, my body grows weak as half the earth is brought back. Finally I collapse onto my knees. I brush the sweat and dirt of my face along with a few strands of my long brown hair.. My secret is released. I had tried to keep my magic a secret for my whole life. Of course just like everyone else it had been released. I close my eyes and wipe that memory from there minds. It does seem like overkill but i need to. Nobody must know….