May 26
fiction challenge: Trunk
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Deep in the woods

I am walking around my yard. We live in some old mansion that my Grandfather and Grandmother owned. But they died a couple weeks ago. My mom is still very upset. I see her every morning sitting drinking coffee looking at a picture of them. I walk around the huge grounds and walk into ivy covering two arching trees like a blanket.I brush them aside easily and almost immediately trip on a log. I fall over it onto the soft summer ground. Moss cushion my fall. I spotted something in the hollow log. It must have been pushed out when I fell. It is old yellowing paper rolled into a tight scroll. I take it out and it crumbles a little in my hand. Carefully I unwrap it. It is a map out the woods around the mansion. The is a small faded black x in the farthest corner of the woods. I carefully fold it and place it in my satchel that is always at my waist. I walk back toward the house as the sun sets. I sit at the dinner table my little brother Logan is eating like he's never eaten before. I give him a punch in the arm.

"OOW what was that for?" Logan whines.

"You're a slob you little jerk," I say while eating some Pasta.

"KIds kids  stop that," Mom says, taking a sip of water from a cup.

"Moooom when's dad gonna get back from his trip?" Logan huffs.

Dad is on a trip to California for work (we live in Maine).

" In a couple weeks now, eat up," Mom says stiffly.

Mom doesn't think dad should be going on trips at this time right after her parent death. Logan groans and pokes at is Pasta with his fork. My mom is still a little upset she couldn't be in the U.S when they died. We had lived in Japan until a couple weeks ago, where mom grew up. I sigh I miss Japan I had lived there my whole life I had also been born there same with Logan. I was mad at mom for making us move here. I ignored her simple question of ¨how was your day¨? I huff and push away my plate, I  walk upstairs and sit on my bed locking my door from Logan in the procese. I open my bag and unfold the map. I brush my long black hair out of my face as I read it again. Nothing except the word Woods and and the x. I fold it back up and place it on my nightstand. I soon fall into a dreamless sleep. I awake and pull on jeans and a tie-dye t-shirt. Then I run down stairs snatching a bagel from Loganś plate. He shouts something after me but I can't hear it. I am already in the woods. I jump over logs until I'm in the farthest corner. I see a small package and open it. Inside there is a note and a necklace. I read the note it says: Dear Sam, I know you're smart enough to find the map or stumble across it. I will be gone when you read this but I know you love an adventure so I hid my present to you. It was your grandmother's necklace, the one you would steal when you were little. I love you, Grandpa.