May 28
poem challenge: Music

Musical World

I hear music all the time, during every part of my day.

Whether it’s another song playing in my head, a song from choir or band, or a sound I’m interacting with, music is everywhere. 

I hear music in the swish of the trees, in the trickling of the stream, and in the lapping of the waves against the dock at my grandparent’s house. 

I hear it in the patter of the rain and the clicking of a mechanical keyboard. 

I hear it in my mom’s laugh or the videos of my parakeet, Pebble. 

Music is something you hear around the things or people you love. It doesn’t matter if nobody else hears it, if to everyone else the sound of a coffee maker isn’t anything special and doesn’t make them think of their dad. 

Music is a form of expression, from someone’s taste, to the feelings a song stirs. 

I listen to music that can make me sad or can make me jump around with joy.

I listen to music that boosts confidence or calms the soul. 

I have music from Patsy Cline to Shawn Mendes, from Buffalo Springfield and The Beatles. 

I have music from TV shows, and music from hearing a song once on the radio. 

I listen to songs that different members of my family would like, or ones that I’ve discovered myself. 

I’ve got playlists for songs I’ve classified, whether it’s an Oldies song from the 60s, an Emotional, Bop, or one of the Semi-Oldies from the 80s. 

I listen to songs that make me feel one way, but could make somebody else feel entirely different. 

That’s what’s so great about music, the variety and how there’s something for everyone, even if they don’t realize it. 

Music is special, and it will be a part of my life anywhere I go. 

After all, we live in a musical world. 
About the Author: Ariel186
Ava Blaisdell
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