May 28
poem challenge: Nice

The tide will tire

At some point the tide will tire and recede
And the relentless rains will relent
And the riptide will sink and sleep
And you will be able to waltz on waves again
The sand will once again swirl beneath your toes 
And the gulls will chortle choruses
And the wind will whip around your hair and rouge your lips and roughen your hands
And the only bitter taste in your mouth will be spray from the sea, running to embrace you
The storm shreds your shoddy shelter now
And drags snoozing driftwood back to shore
And corrodes thighs and pricks cheeks and rushes battalions into dozing villages
But the only true thing about the sea is it will change
What is there now will never stay for the rooster's crow
So at some point the tide will tire and recede
And you will again breathe in the sun and the salt and the shore
If that isn't nice, I don't know what is