May 28
fiction challenge: Switch
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The Switch

One day, an orange and white cat named Furry, was playing in the garden. Just then a snail with a brown spiral on his back came gliding along while leaving a trail of goo as he went. 

Then the snail started to approach the cat. The snail thought that the cat was just a rock but as he started to move up the “rock” the cat hairs started getting caught in his goo track. Just then the cat shook ferociously and the snail went flying.

Suddenly there was a flash of blue light and a switch happened. The snail and the cat had switched brains! About five minutes after the switch had happened, the “cat” started munching leaves, and the “snail” started sliding inside towards the light blue cat bed next to the window where he eventually curled up.

Once the “cat” was done munching leaves, and the “snail” was done napping, they both went to the garden. Then the “snail” started to approach the “cat.” The snail thought that the cat was just a rock. So the snail slid up the cat. Cat hairs started to get caught in the snail’s goo track. Just then the cat shook. Then the snail went flying. When the same flash of blue light flashed, the snail was back in his brain and the cat was back in her brain. From then on it was like nothing had even happened.

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