May 28
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    It was Friday and it was the same as every other Friday or so we thought. Every Friday for gym class we have fitness Friday. Fitness Friday was when there were stations and at each station we would spend one minute doing that activity. After the minute was up we would run around for a minute. Since it was winter we stayed inside for this. After about 20 minutes of this my friend Molly and I were getting pretty tired. We started to run but I wasn’t paying attention. This resulted in me falling over Molly who was in front of me and walking. We both tumbled to the ground. As we pick ourselves up, Molly sees a penny. She picks the penny up and is so excited. She decides to name the penny Abraham because the former president Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.

    Later on I was going to Molly’s house to spend the night. We decided to take Abraham and put him on Molly’s wall. In order to do this we put him in a plastic bag. After putting him in the bag we hung him up on the wall. We made sure that his name was on the bag so we didn’t forget him. That was two years old and to this day Molly still has Abraham up on her wall. You never know what you are going to find on the gym floor.  Every time Molly says she still has Abraham I am surprised. I thought for sure that she was going to lose Abraham in a month but two years later she still has him. We still laugh about the time when we found Abraham. It is a great story to tell. 

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