Jun 02

This ocean, this life

This morning
woke up early
just to see the sunrise.
Down through the 
sleepy town,
arm in arm,
with my best friend.

The sky looks like
stained glass and
our voices like magnolia blossoms.
to an old guy talk about how
he's never missed a sunrise,
not in 37 years.

Today I
face the ocean, breathe deep,
watch the waves
forming geometric patterns as they
meld with the sand and rock barrier
that keeps them from
galloping down the streets
of the little town.

This ocean, this life.
This is where I come from.

Take photos and 
boogie board,
seashells blooming
under our feet.

This evening
examine my
sundropped skin,
rub on aloe vera,
towels crumpled on 
our hotel floor.
Look at the pictures we took today,
heads on each other's shoulders and
arms linked.

This ocean, this life.
This is where I belong.

Debate about movies and
eat fresh lobster
followed by home-made ice cream.

browse colorful stores
selling saltwater taffy and
blown glass crabs,
sunglasses and
baggy t-shirts.

Out on the beach,
breathe salty sweet air,
crumbles of moon and
swirls of stars
twisted and melted
in a soft vanilla sky.
Feel the warm wind
like smooth jazz,
watch fires flicker up and down the sand,
people in love as well as
a few drunk guys.

as I take it all in.
This beautiful place.
This ocean,
this life.

This is my home.

For my best friend, 
I will always love you.
About the Author: Stargirl
We try to fix the world with rock and iron---if only we were not all glass people living in glass houses