Jun 02
opinion challenge: Opposites
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Friendship of wind and sand

A friendship of opposites. At first thought, it seems unusual, yet possible. We have all heard the age-old saying, “opposites attract,” but does that apply to friendships?

Opposite friends are the best kind of friendship; an opposite friend is there to balance you, keep you honest. One is outgoing and loud, while the other is relaxed and calm.

The balance is needed, someone to tell you “no” or “that’s not the best idea,” your person to give you the advice you never even thought of.

Your weaknesses are your best friend’s strengths; if you need help with anything, you have the perfect partner to fix it.

A friendship of opposites is less like fire and water and more like wind and sand. Water and fire are mutually destructive; water will extinguish a flame, just as fire will boil water away to nothing. Wind and sand go together, yet are very different. They have things to each their own, the wind has air, while sand has earth.

When they come together it might not be noticeable to people going too fast, but if you stop and look, I mean really look, you see the wind gently pushing the sand along and the sand happy to go. That’s friendship, not opposites that destroy each other, but opposites that thrive together.