Jun 04
fiction challenge: Golden
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Night, Day, Dusk, Dawn.

I awake from a deep sleep and I stand up and get dressed. I shuffle down my stairs. I eat breakfast, go outside and bike to my friend Finn's House. I shove the rest of my toast in my mouth as I climb up a tree outside his window and throw a piece of bark at it. Finn is just walking back up into his room most likely from breakfast. He jumps when he hears the bark on the glass. I almost fall out of the tree as he shouts my name. 

“SAM!!!!”Finn shouts.

“Oh shush just come out,” I say.

Finn shoves open his window and jumps out onto the branch. He easily jumps onto the branch below him, the one I'm trembling on. I honestly hate heights. He jumps off the tree and I jump after him and he catches me. 

“Thanks, let's get to school,” I say.

I brush my self off and we bike to school. Something gold flashes in the trees just as we get near school. I stop my bike and Finn goes zooming off in front of me. His tires scratch as he halts. 

“What are you doing? There's only ten minuets until homeroom,” Finn asks.

“ Oh come on I saw something in there, you get to school i'll keep you updated,” I say.

“Fine whatever but I’m not getting detention for being late,” He says biking away.

I watch him until I can't see him. Then I push my way into the forest. I follow glimmers of gold until I bump into something; it's a dark gold door with diamonds encrusted into it. The handle was one large diamond. Me being me I open it. I am in darkness. Stars are twinkling below me and around me. The air is filled with a cool summer breeze. I look around and see a woman with dark blue eyes and long black hair. She had a long dress that flowed into the night sky. Her skin is the night sky. Yet she stands out; she looks like nighttime with moonlight shining on her. 

“Who are you?” I ask standing on the pillowy clouds.

“I am Callisto, the night's garden,” She says walking around.

She stops and pulls the moon into her hands; her fingers leave craters in the moon. She places it farther in the sky and the sun is creeping up on the other end of the sky. 

“My sister is coming, she is Elidi, the day's gardein. Without us it would always be dark no sun no moon just blackness and the world would end. And you are my daughter you can take stars down from the milky way and use them for anything. You are Dusk my child you may always find that door and come back or call upon the night sky and I will come. Now it is time for you to leave goodbye,” Callisto says, stroking my hair gently.

“ Goodbye….. Mom,” I whisper as she walks me toward the door.

My hands fumble as I turn the diamond doorknob. I am back in the woods.My phone buzz’s and I look at my messages:
Finn: U alright?


Finn: Sam u ok :(

Me: Yeah hi it was nothing just saw the reflection of ur watch ;)

Finn: Thank god well what took you so long it's 7:00

Me: Got lost well g’night

Finn: NIght
I've decided to keep this a secret . Maybe I'll tell him someday.