Jun 05

Summer '21 Challenges

[Photo credit: Kevin Huang, YWP Media Library]
Make this summer memorable! Respond to YWP's Challenges every week, all summer long!

In words or art, describe the sensation of splashing into the water. Challenge inspired by Neon Splash by laurenm.

Contrast: Tonal contrast – the difference between the brightest highlight and the darkest low-light -- can make dramatic photos. Try taking photos of objects using high contrast lighting – the whitest whites and the darkest blacks all contained in one space. Post your photos in a slideshow. Challenge created by Erin Bundock, YWP alumna.

Civility: Where has civility gone? Write about Civility as a fictional character. Civility might just disappear one day and never return, or they might gather enough courage to vanquish incivility. Use your imagination to tell the story.

Lines & Angles: Look around and you will see lines and angles everywhere. Photograph what you see. Experiment with the light. Get in close or step back. Challenge inspired by Outside by queenlalaladaisy and All Lining Up by gigikelly1005.

June 6-12
Note: Start your story with a character finding a note that totally surprises them. What does the note say? Keep the story going when the note is read and put down.

Repeat: Write one line of poetry. For the rest of the poem, write slight variations of that one line.
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Content, a beautiful place of sun and love
Alone, in a dark empty place of confusion
Quiet, the clouds part but still confused
Ordinary, returning to a normal place but still unsure where I am
Sorrow, how did I get here, the sun disappeared in an instant
Calm, in a place of peace with no explanation