Jun 06
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Home is a strange thing

Home is a strange thing 
It’s a feeling 
An idea 
A place 
A person
Home has always felt far away to me
More ideal than reality 
But right now 
Right now there are fireworks in the sky and people cheering far off
Right now I feel home 
I feel the idea 
The place 
The person 
I am home with bare feet on soft grass
I am home leaning against this sign 
“Town this way” and “Home here,” it says 
Well, that’s what it seems like right now 
And isn’t reality just what we make it out to be? 
Isn’t reality just the things we see through eyes that differ from everyone else’s?
Isn’t that the beauty of it? 
I don’t notice that I am crying until I taste the salt on my lips
It’s been too long since I’ve been home 
So I watch the fireworks go up in bursts of color and trail their way across the sky 
I hear the people cheering but I don’t envy their happiness
I am home.
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