Jun 08

As long as you're here

As long as you remain alive and awake
I don't care what you do 
The chances you take
As long as you remain above underground
Scream very loud or don't utter a sound
Snap at your father
Fly to the moon
Try your hand at witchcraft
Toss an old rune
Don't wear any clothes when you go out to meals 
Only dress in daisies and banana-peel heels
As long as you are not tied up by a mob
Eat six hundred ounces of corn on the cob
Feel free to leave me and run far away
As long as you can still see the light and the day
And if you continue to harbor your life
Run off to a circus or elope with a wife
Live under a bridge and howl at the stars
Get kicked out of schools and zoos and the bars
Travel back in time to the crinoline days
Dance in a corset and a pair of stays
As long as you're living and with wits and with luck
Honestly dear
I couldn't give a damn