Jun 08


Ok so this poem is one that I wrote for a project at school. We are supposed to try and capture the answer to the question: What does it mean to be human? Anyway, I am posting it here to get feedback before turning it in, if anyone has suggestions please comment! :)

Loving, creating, imagining humans,
Caring for each other,
Making music and art,
Imagining new worlds and new creations,
Lying, killing, destroying humans,
Creating wars,
Killing each other,
Destroying the very planet on which they live,
Remembering, thoughtful, sorrowful humans,
Keeping memories within them,
Passing on ideas and beliefs,
Regretting the actions of past generations,
Sometimes I resent being human,
When I drive down a highway lined with carcasses,
Animals who were punished for trying to live,
Animals who would still be alive if it weren’t for humans,
Or when I watch the news,
And another innocent person has been shot,
A person who dared to look different,
Who dared to be themselves,
But sometimes humans seem beautiful,
When I’m standing on a field after a game,
And my team surrounds me,
Beautiful faces filled with joy,
Or when a stranger runs over to help,
When I drop my books,
Or I look lost,
Or they come over just to say they like my shoes,
Terrible, wonderful, complicated humans,
Like a coin with two sides,
With a simple flip,
Everything changes,
Some people only see one side of the coin,
They live in peaceful ignorance,
Others see the opposite side,
And they live in states hopelessness,
But the humans who experience true joy,
See both sides of the coin,
And strive to make them one.