Jun 14
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End of school year stuff :)

As we slip into summer break, I just wanted to express that school in the past year in the pandemic has been incredibly difficult and that everyone here deserves time to themselves this summer to do things that you love!

We all may still have responsibilities this summer that we have to do, but still, try to find time to do things that make you happy this summer.

Be proud of yourself for everything you have overcome this past year and for the strength you have gained.

For me, this past year has been a constant struggle between me trying to be productive and just being exhausted (and I'm sure many of you feel this way as well!), and saying this to all of you is also just a reminder to myself that we all deserve a break. ...

And of course, congrats to all my fellow high school grads (and to all the middle school and elementary school grads as well)! :)