Jun 24

Fashion rules? There are none!

The pandemic has been going on for about two years now and we’ve been on lockdown for about a year and a half. But now as we emerge from lockdown, we find ourselves wondering things such as “What kind of clothing is trending?” and “What should I wear?” The answer? Wear anything you want. 

Before the pandemic hit us, the clothing and shoes you wore defined you, especially at school. I remember in 6th grade (before the pandemic) girls would compare who had better shoes. Some had Nike, some wore Gucci or Luvuiton, and others had Adidas. Personally, I think clothing and fashion isn’t something that defines us, and we shouldn’t feel limited. Instead, it should be something that allows us to express ourselves. 

The pandemic has so-called “opened our eyes” and taught us to widen and broaden our sense of accepting people the way they are and to appreciate them for them. Now after a year and a half of lockdown, there is no more what is right, and what is wrong to clothing. And there never should have been. We’re entering into a new era, and its clothes are important — which is to say, as Ms. Slone says in her recent New York Times article, exactly how you want.

(Inspiration from There Are No Fashion Rules Anymore by Isabel Slone, New York Times)
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