Jun 27

My Pet Dragon

Sorry I have not posted in so long... I just had no inspiration. This is a story from the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. I hope you enjoy it!


My pet dragon is named Dr dragon . I don’t really know how I got him… One day I put my stuffed dragon on my dresser that was said to be magic. I had never wanted anything to do with a “magic” dresser but it had never done anything to me so I used it. When I went to bed I forgot to take the stuffie out. In the middle of then night I woke up to the smell of smoke. I was so tired I decided to check it in the morning. When I woke up I saw my dresser was smoking. DRAKE I exclaimed because Drake was my favorite stuffie. When I opened my dresser to Drake and a DRAGON!!!!!! I took out the dragon out and just stared at the dragon. About a half hour later my mom called me down for breakfast. I ate faster then a super sonic snail. When I was back upstairs the dragon was where I had left him. I decided to name him Dr. dragon.I thought this was a good name because he looked like a doctor in frying things. I called my neighbor (and best friend) Stewart and told him to meet me in my yard. Stewart jumped over the fence on his BMX bike off the jump we made so we could get to each others yards. When he came over he aksed “do you really have a pet dragon”. “Yes” I said and pulled Dr. dragon out. “COOL” said Stewart “can he make smores?” “Lets see” I said. I ran inside and grabbed graham crakers , chocolate and marshmallows. I put them together when we where outside set Dr.dragon down and like he knew what do do he smoked them so they where black “WOW buddy” I said. Me and Stewart each took one and started eating, and that’s where we are now.