Jul 07

Writers Rut

There was a writing prompt a while back about best friends
And how to describe them
I love to write but am so tired of writing the same things over and over and over and over
Penned by a girl who is doing this for no reason but to keep her brain occupied for a few more seconds
She is water running
And waves lapping
And ice cream kisses and falling asleep to the lapping of lapis waves
She is watermelon in a tupperware with a seasoning of sand
And laughing because we don't care if our shoulders are burning or our lips are blushing bright and blue
Because she is there and she is calamine lotions and lemon zest and five dollars on the boardwalk for a drumstick and a cheap watch
I could write something like that that takes five minutes and three visits to thesaurus.com just for shoddy alliteration
I don't even spell-check at this point
I write like this to escape the moment
But it doesn't make me proud anymore
And I don't even have a good ending for this poem because it's the same format as of all the others