Jul 14
poem challenge: Freedom

now i can be free

A tightly woven web, trapped my limbs as I writhed in agony.
The darkness surrounded me, my screams echoed on the barren land. 
Winter lasted too long, cruelly planting snowflakes in my eyes, to run down my cheeks. 
The glass cage was tinted darkly, no one saw my attempts to escape.

the glass cage shattered. 
                                            the shards ricochet.
                                                                                     scars take the place of my deep cuts.

the imprint of my shackles faded, i let braided thread cover my wrists. 
the ice thawed, i bathe in the glory of it all. 
ivy inhabits my hair, it drapes over my shoulders, proudly slouched. 
now i can be free, sentiment and honesty drip from my voice. 

now i can be free. 
the blade removed from my throat,
my starved lips drink an antidote.
the lock broke in my prison.
tears no longer blur my vision. 

now i am free.