Jul 16

Deal with the sea

I cannot fish but I come to see
whether the waves have a gift for me
to catch the creature the water stole
but needless of a fishing pole
tide rush in and tide rush out
a mackerel a herring a haddock a trout
fisherman laugh with their sea wethered nets
"The ocean is guilty but has no regrets."
but maybe there is hope in the form of a fish
motorboat horizon I make my wish
behold a black sea that wasn't forgiven
now it takes my prize from where it was hidden
reaching down low for the very best one
witness is wind and cloud and sun
for crossing the sea in moral is worse
than a demon a sickness an evil a curse
but since it crossed me I should think I'm in right
to leave the beach with a catch tonight
and with a hurl the water spews out
a mackerel a herring a haddock a trout
no need to say praise or a humble thank you
the waves are already blushing a deep bubbling blue
and with my clutching hands full of the final apology
the water shrinks back
it's finally free