Jul 21

The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 3

Chapter 3 coming up hot! To understand this post, go find "The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 1" along with "The Mer-Fighters: Overboard Chapter 2". Enjoy!


It hit Cindy like a wave. Literally. The wave came down on her HARD. “Now would be a good time to remember how to not drown.” Cindy thought desperately as the wave engulfed her. 

When Cindy reemerged she was drenched from head to toe and gasping frantically for air. Being drenched she was cold. Really cold. With that she FINALLY remembered that the book said, “Try not to get fully soaked head to toe. Keep at least some part of your skin dry.” 

“Too late now.” Cindy thought. 

All of a sudden Cindy realized she could no longer see the ship. She turned around and she could just barely make out the faint outline of the ship on the horizon. She had to find a way to get out of the water. If she was in there when it turned into full nighttime and not a sliver of sun was left, well, we’re not going to think about that. Being the smart girl that she was, Cindy knew that when the sun fully set and there was only moonlight, she would be colder than ever.  

Her only way out was if someone or something helped her… Cindy saw dark shapes swimming through the water below her. “Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no!” She whispered to herself. The first thing that raced through her mind was SHARKS! She was going to be their dinner! Her choices were slim. She could try and stay still but then she would drown for sure. She could try and swim away, but that would just cause more of a commotion for sure. Besides, there was no way Cindy would be able to out swim a shark. Also, she barely knew how to swim in the first place. It was a miracle that she had survived this long. For once God was acting in Cindy’s favor. Cindy felt something cold grip her leg. You guessed it. She screamed. She was being pulled under! This was not good. Not good at all. Cindy’s mind all of a sudden raced back to what Captain O-Riley had been talking about earlier and the clouds she had seen 2 days ago. “Not helpful self.” She thought. Cindy thrashed and screamed. The slimy horrid grip on her leg tightened. Someone laughed. In a raspy horrid voice the same thing said, “You will never escape us monster. No matter how hard you try. You, and your entire race shall be destroyed.” The thing let out an evil laugh. On that happy note, Cindy lost conscious just as she was fully pulled under.