Jul 22
poem challenge: Freedom

Sweet Flavor

To feel the succulence of 
strawberries, you should 
know it only comes from 
the real kind, not the 
large, unflavored berries  
you can so easily find 
in the market. One bite
of those enticingly dark 
pink fruits and soon enough 
disappointment follows,
swooping its way into the cave
of your open & hungry mouth. 

You'll need to wait 
patiently alongside 
your own bush of 
strawberries to know
what I mean, allowing the 
fruits to turn that lush, 
red color as slowly 
as they wish. Give 
your berries time; let 
them have space to
fill as they grow. 


You won't know the 
sweet, bright flavor 
of wild strawberries in summer
until you stumble across 
a flowery bush of them 
taking refuge near 
the shaded forest line. 

Devour them whole.
No one will be there 
to stop you. Eat
as many as you wish,
filling your belly with their
impossibly red sugars. 


When you pop-
pop-pop the little 
things into your mouth, 
you'll know the
rich, sweet flavor that comes 
from freedom in growing and 
your belly will be satiated 
in knowing it has 
wild strawberries inside 
of it, mixing its 
warmth with their sugars 
within you.

Feel that, and
remember it.