Jul 22
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Divided values, Common threads

Medium: Flags on Canvas

Size: 180 x 150 cm

Around the time this work was produced, a survey for the BBC by Ipsos MORI of more than 19,400 people in 27 countries found the majority of people in all but two countries felt their society was divided. In fact, seventy-six percent of people globally believed their country was divided, and 59 percent believed it was more divided today than it was 10 years ago. This sense of division is a symptom of the times as there has been a decline in trust in traditional institutions and a rise in the belief that the current system is broken. Citizens in general no longer believe that governments, politicians and other institutions can deliver on their promises.

Despite the grim responses about division and a lack of tolerance, this work is a reminder that true freedom begins with recognizing our commonalities rather than our differences. Socializing with people from different backgrounds, cultures or points of view can lead to mutual understanding and respect. The image of the skull, which is constructed out of flags from various countries, focuses on our humanity rather than our nationality. Our earth, when viewed from space, does not contain borders. The image is divided into values but it’s the bits of colored cloth that construct the skull - a symbol of our humanity, our liberty, our common thread.
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