Jul 22
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Middle Schooler

Dear Middle Schooler,
I understand what you are going through.
I understand that you might be questioning yourself or the people around you. I know what it feels like to not feel like you belong.I understand what it feel like to be the odd one out, to not feel appreciated. I know those feelings. 
We will go though challenges in our few years we have in this environment. We might have to deal with the casual mean girl you acts one way around teachers and another around her peers, or the annoying kid who is so smart they make you feel dumb, I know what its like to be bullied and feel so worthless. You are not alone.
As we get older, we will make really bad decisions, some will reflect badly while others will turn out good. It's important to keep your head up high and believe in yourself.
People won't always understand what you are going through. You might question who you are at times. Be yourself and keep your head up high.
You are one in a million!
Middle school might not be easy but it will be over soon!
Be your crazy, unique self and never give up on what makes you happy!

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