Jul 24

Congratulations, Contest Winners!

In this issue of The Voice, we celebrate the winners of our Summer Contest, Freedom! CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you to everyone who participated. The winning submissions are featured on the next three pages.

And the winners are ...

GOLD: IceGalaxy, "When This Is Over"
SILVER: infinitelyinfinite3, "The Best Kind of Freedom"
BRONZE: Mrs_Mango3340, "Car Ride"


VISUAL ART (opposite page, clockwise from top right)
GOLD: The Lone Cat, "To Be Free!
SILVER: Ice Blink, "May All Smiles Be Redeemed in Newfound Liberty"
BRONZE: Alden Bond, "Flying Free"

The Challenge: It's summer, the weather is sparkling, pandemic memories are receding, the world is beckoning us! Create writing, photography, and art that depict freedom from any perspective in any genre or artistic medium. Two categories: Writing; and Visual Art. PRIZES: Gold in both categories $100; Silver in both categories $75; Bronze in both categories $50.

See all submissions to the contest here.

Cover Photo by Love to write, "An Ache of Sunshine"
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