Jul 27
poem challenge: Personify
Doctor Who's picture


If fear were standing in front of you
it would be tall 
and thin
and beautiful 
the kind of beautiful 
that is more terrifying 
than the most ugly 
twisted monster that hell could ever birth

and dressed
in some ever changing medley of colors
that dredges up something awful 
in the pit of your stomach
and desperately makes you want to look away

its cold dead eyes
would be void 
of purpose or meaning 
reaching into your soul

its smile may
be the worst part 
a giant twisted grin
no emotion behind it 
solidifying the fact that the thing 
you are seeing 
is not and could never be 

it would be confident
not unwarrantedly so
it can very easily take all your power 
and twist it to
its own demands 

you look at it and 
you feel sick
the sickest you've ever felt 
and the air is cold and horrid 
and it feels like time stops 
the very air is trapping you
you can't get away no matter how hard you try

if you were in a room with fear standing in front of you 
it would flash its cold dead eyes and smile its horrid smile
and you would rather die 
than have it keep staring at you
but it has enough power over you 
that you're
to look