Aug 01
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I remember the time we spent together
Wishing for you to get better.
My nights with you still haunt me.
Your black, silky fur
And your soft-spoken purr 
Wore down in time you see.

I didn’t think you would die before
Until you laid still on the floor.
Your body and eyes were cold.
I begged for you to wake
Not knowing you would break
Your life you could not hold. 

You were three when you came,
When my sister gave you your name.
A cat of beauty and grace.
You gave us dead mice
And arms full of bites.
You never gave up the chase.
Only when you grew older
And nights became colder
Did you start to slow down.
We didn’t notice at first 
Your mind had submersed 
When you became Earthbound

To me, you were a mother
Not to be replaced by another.
You always showed your love.
You stayed with us for 15 years
And washed away my tears
Not ready to go above.

I didn’t know why
You had to die.
I've never missed anyone this much.
I was given a stuffed toy
For me to enjoy
A fragment of your touch

It took me two years
To swallow my tears
And now I am aware
This girl has grown 
And I have shown 
The love that I can share