Aug 03

Best Friendship

To me, friendship is polite smiles and obligatory chuckles, it's a small wave as you cross paths in the hallway. Friendship brightens my day. It can help me forget the sting of a wrong answer or the anger of a morning bicker.

On the other hand, best friendship is tears waiting to happen. It's letting someone get close enough that they can hurt you, for real. Best friendship is a weight on your shoulders, a constant presence.

If all best friendship does is bring pain, why bother? Why let people get that close ever again?

Because just friendship is no use when you can't forget.

When you have been ripped in two and no matter how hard you try you just can't forget, only the people who are close enough to hurt you for real can hold you tight enough for it to matter.

To me, best friendship is being able to smile through the tears, and laugh for real this time. It's a hug as you cross paths in the hallyway, an embrace that makes your body sag because you are finally home safe and sound.